Construction Project Management and Facility Management Consulting


What We Do
JF McCarthy Makes Construction Project Management and Facility Management Successful

Our services used to achieve success include:

Master budget, timeline, and guidance or all development tasks – including work we perform and related work performed by others.

Site and building review for suitability, feasibility, and cost of development.

Site technical investigation and analysis for development consisting of surveys and civil engineering analysis, environmental investigation, soil exploration and analysis, as well analysis of specific building components such as masonry, windows and doors, and roofs for value and long term serviceability.

Zoning variation and special use permissions when required. In years past attorneys performed this task, but slowly and at an unnecessarily high cost. We now obtain these permissions, and integrate the services of highly specialized attorneys for focused tasks when required. Savings of 50-80% are realized. All zoning approvals sought to date have been obtained.

Design for permit and construction using outside architectural and engineering firms specializing and experienced in your project type. A close working relationship between designer and contractor speeds delivery, increases quality, and reduces and manages costs.

Interior design by outside interior design firms appropriate for the project image.

Mechanical, electrical, structural, and manufactured components design assistance and analysis before the design starts. Build in the optimal cost effective solution from the start, rather than later “value engineering” a repair. Only someone who is buying equipment and components and building every day can know this.

Costing. JF McCarthy's proprietary “ground up costing” system establishes workable costs in the preliminary design stage, and maintain them through project completion. These are real concrete costs, not paper budgets.

Cost Segregation Analysis Segregation of the costs of the parts of a building allows depreciation of these parts over 3,5,7 or 15 years instead of the 39 years normally required for a commercial building. This increases tax deductions and therefore cash flow. This is an IRS approved technique with a proven track record. We use the detailed engineering approach from actual cost records, which is the most rigorous of the six methods recognized by the IRS. For buildings we build, we already have the engineering knowledge and cost records, which helps efficiency and accuracy. We can also perform a cost segregation study for a building built by others, or for an acquired property for which no construction work was performed. Multi-year look backs are also possible. Click to learn more

Construction. We build the project using our own forces and the services of a select list of experienced subcontractors. We are not a “paper” general contractor. We still perform a significant portion of the work with our own forces and have multiple projects underway at all times. Our stable work force produces an excellent safety record.

Component Useful life Analysis This analysis identifies each building component, its useful life, and a cost for replacement to establish real world multi-year capital budgets. Maintenance and capital replacements can then be scheduled to maximize the facility's useful life while minimizing cost.

Services Where We Assist Others:

Real estate leasing and acquisition.  We provide no real estate leasing or acquisition ourselves, but can work with your real estate professional, or a professional we recommend, to optimize the future constructability of the project. In addition to the building analysis described above, we can write and provide tenant work letters and riders to the letter of intent for items relevant to construction and development, so value is optimized and future problems minimized.

Financing. We provide no financing ourselves, but can provide construction technical assistance to those who do. We can work with your finance company and provide costing, work descriptions, and technical documents that can speed the loan commitment and closing. For some project types, we can provide references of the most experienced and effective specialized finance companies.

What Method of Delivery is Right for You?

You select the level of services right for your project.  For some client needs, such as a new building or a new business venture, all of these services are required to optimize value and insure project success.  For other client needs, such as renovation of an existing owned property, more limited services may be required - and project management delivery may be most effective. For yet smaller projects, such as minor remodeling within an existing facility - design and construction management services only may be required.  We will help identify and provide the services and delivery system most effective for your needs.