Construction Project Management and Facility Management Consulting

How we are different

We provide all needed project development services

We provide all the services required to make project success normal.  From preliminary site evaluation, design assistance or design, costing, management, and construction we make sure your objectives and costs and time requirements are achieved. Assistance with facility management continues to add value for the life of the building.

We do the work not look to others

As a working construction manager performing significant portions of the work with our own forces, we bring an experienced team to the table. This is what we do every day all day. The efficiency of this approach achieves the desired result at the optimal cost.

Consulting followed by performance

Many consultants provide analysis and opinions that end with a report - implementation is left to others. We do both. We provide analysis and recommendations that are constructible in this marketplace at this time. Then we build what we recommended and achieve the needed cost and schedule.  

We are local with local knowledge and contacts

We have relationships with local regulatory authorities, subcontractors and vendors that reduce inefficiencies and minimize problems. Without the need for out-of-town travel, services are improved, and travel costs and times are eliminated.

Large project knowledge brought to midsize and complicated projects

The knowledge of technical and mechanical electrical complexities of medical and institutional projects, as well as the management and documentation skills required by a more complex regulatory environment, are brought to all projects. Instead of struggling to find a way to solve an usual problem, we can offer multiple solutions from past experience.